Serbia’s GDP rose more than four percent in 2019

NEWS 06.03.2020 14:45
Source: N1

Serbia’s GDP stood at 45.9 billion Euro in 2019, showing a rise of 4.2 percent, the Finance Ministry said on Friday.

Net Foreign Direct Investments amounted to some 3.6 billion Euro or 7.8 percent of the GDP.

Average salaries in 2019 rose in real terms by 8.5 percent while average pensions rose in real terms by 2.3 percent. Goods exports totaled more than 17.5 billion Euro (a rise of 7.7. percent) while imports stood at 23.8 billion Euro (a rise of 8.9 percent), the Finance Ministry said adding that the trade deficit was 6.3 billion Euro.

Serbia’s public debt stood at 52 percent of the GDP, the ministry said adding that the public debt stood at 48.9 percent of the GDP at the end of January.