Kosovo's politicians describe PM as cheater; coalition party says may leave Govt

NEWS 28.02.2020 10:52
Source: N1

Kadri Veseli, the leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, said on Friday that Prime Minister Albin Kurti was an ignorant, weak and cheater after he announced his Government would partially lift the 100 percent import duties on goods from Serbia and Bosnia pending Belgrade move to stop the anti-recognition campaign, the KoSSev website reported, and Kurti's coalition partner threatens to leave the Government.

Veseli added that Kosovo could be endangered with Kurti as Prime Minister.

„Nothing new from Albin… As an opposition, he was ready to set Kosovo on fire and use violence and lives of young idealists to come to power. Today, when he leads the Government, it’s clear that his only ideal is to stay in power. By blackmailing, he is destroying himself faster than others were expected,“ Veseli said.

 Fatmir Limaj, the head of the Socia-Democratic Initiative join Veseli I harsh criticism of Kurti’s announcement. He described Prime Minister as „He (Kurti) will be remembered as a politician who in one day cheats, lies, changes opinion and promises he made and based on which people voted for him,“ Limaj said.

President Hashim Thaci’s advisor, Artan Behrami, wrote on his Facebook profile described Kurti as ‘shallow’, adding the love for America had much deeper roots.

Behrami added that Kurti was looking for a state where the US would not have a role in domestic politics. „To confront the US is opposed to the Albanian genetic code.“