Serbia's Vucic: Anything less than 48.2 pct will be election failure for SNS

Source: N1

Aleksandar Vucic, the President of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and the head of state, said on Monday he precisely knew what would be the solution to Kosovo's problem and that he wouldn't accept anything that could be "a disgrace or humiliation of Serbia," N1 reported.

Addressing SNS Main Board meeting, Vucic told the members that any result at the forthcoming elections which would be below 48.2 percent would be considered as failure and that some would be sanctioned.

He told them he didn’t want to listen „how the (opposition parties) boycott failed and that those who take over SNS votes want to win.“

Vucic said he was not interested in hearing how many votes „you will bring me and how you win over those who boycott the ballot,“ but that they had to reach at least the 2016 result of 48.2 votes.

„It’s been almost four years since the last elections when we addressed the people. We went through a tough period since 2016. We went through it showing that with our combativeness, great effort and engagement everything can change. Last December, we reached, and tomorrow it will be officially confirmed by the European standards, that an average wage is 510 Euros,“ Vucic said.

He added that some „dream about raising their voice at Serbia“ and that Belgrade would recognise Kosovo’s independence, saying „they cannot be more wrong.“

Vucic said SNS would be on the electoral list with its current coalition partners