'Together for Serbia' leader running for reelection in Sabac

NEWS 23.02.2020 14:34
Source: TV Šabac

Sabac Mayor and leader of the ‘Together for Serbia’ (ZZS) party, Nebojsa Zelenovic, decided to run for reelection despite the opposition coalition his party belongs to, the Alliance for Serbia, boycotting the elections at all government levels.

Zelenovic stressed that the ZZS will only participate in local elections and will boycott the elections at other government levels.

The decision to run in the election was made by the main board of the party. Zelenovic said that the vice-leader of the ZZS, Srdjan Sreckovic, voted against it and immediately left the party after the vote.

Zelenovic said that citizens will have a chance to vote for continuing to “build Sabac as a modern city” on April 26 and stressed that his party has a clear plan for the future.

The Alliance for Serbia said that by deciding to participate in the „fake elections“, the ZZS has disqualified itself from further membership in the alliance.