United Media: Website Nova.rs starts on February 28

NEWS 21.02.2020 16:53
Source: Promo

The United Media company said it would launch the nova.rs website on February 28 to offer the readers the latest information from politics, society, economy, culture, sports, entertainment, sciences, technology…

The website team is made of experienced editors and journalists who will seek answers to all current topics, explain and analyse the background of all events, and there will not be any taboo issue.

The editor-in-chief of the new website will be Veselin Simonovic who has huge experience and success achieved in a long-lasting journalist career. He was the editor-in-chief of the Blic daily, editor of its integrated newsroom. Simonovic also had experience in an editorial job with the Vreme weekly and Borba daily, the UM said.

Vladislav Mitić

 „It’s a great pleasure to be a part of such a splendid professional newsroom in which it’s an honour to work at. We aim to offer information from all walks of life to our readers, to spare their time and nerves. We want our application to be available on all mobile devices, and that people are not ashamed of reading us as it is the case with many websites,” Simonovic said.

The weabiste team include Dusan Petricic, Ranko Pivljanin, Magda Janjic, Jelena Tusup, Zikica Babovic, Radmilo Markovic, Milenko Vasovic, Dragana Pandurevi, Ana Kalaba, Ivana Stojanov, Natasa Latkovic, Djordje Matic, Stojan Drcelic, Ratko Femic, Milan Vukelic, Zoran Kecman, Nela Buncic, Daniela Ilic Krasic, Milojko Bozovic, Vladislav Mitic, Stanislav Gajica, Jovana Sesterikov, Nebojsa Todorovic, Jovana Veljkovic, Luna Lu…

„United Media is a company which constantly invest in developing new contents, and now we enriched our portfolio with Nova.rs website. Our imperative is that everything we do is of great quality, and that will be the same time. We expect that the new website will soon become the place where people with different curiosities will be able to read whatever they are interested in. Besides, we’re delighted that Mr Simonovic accepted to be in charge of the platform since we highly value his experience. He gathered a splendid team of top journalists, and I wish them all a warm welcome to our company,“ UM’s CEO Aleksandra Subotic said.

The Nova.rs website will also be available on applications which will be accessible on Google Play and Apple Store.

N1 is a part of the United Media.