Vucic: Ruler documentary on N1 is “outright hatred”

NEWS 18.02.2020 09:25
Source: Printscreen/Tv Hepi

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday evening that the documentary Ruler aired on N1 TV is “four hours of outright hatred”.

Ruler is a two-part documentary about Vucic’s life in politics, featuring a number of public figures but not the president himself who chose not to take part in its making despite being invited to do so.  

Speaking live on the pro-government TV Happy, Vucic said he was under attack by political opponents who hate him. “I am not ideal or sinless, not someone who can say that everything in my past was smart and ingenious. But, unlike others, they can’t find that I stole anything. I have no accounts in London or the Panama islands and that is something I am proud of… It’s not just hatred that they insist on, it’s also moaning about the old times which they enjoyed. It’s good for people to compare the times when they decided people’s fates and our times,” Vucic said.  

He said that he is the sole target of attack by his opponents who “used 27 million pages in daily newspapers and weekly magazines” expressing what he claims are mainly lies and half-truths and rarely the truth. The leader of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) said that the attacks are caused by the fact that the three men who he claims “are probably the richest Serbs” – Dragan Djilas, Dragan Solak and Miroslav Miskovic – can’t reconcile themselves to the fact that he has come to power and is implementing an independent policy of sovereignty and independence in decision making.