Belgraders walk "Along Vesic's Road of Ruins" to promote election boycott

Source: N1

The civil protest in Belgrade on Saturday was held under the "Along (city's Deputy Mayor Goran) Vesic's Road of Ruins" slogan and a huge banner reading 'Boycott 2020', the news agencies reported.

  „We won’t take part in the elections in which we are (declared) a zero in advance and in which our voice cannot be heard,“ Biljana Stojkovic, a Biology Faculty professor and one of the protest’s organisers, said.

Stojkovic said that the demonstrators walked to the Belgrade Waterfront (BW) to visit „all the icons of this corrupted regime.“

The slogan is an allusion to all works in the city that are attributed to Vesic and which are either non-transparent, or too expensive, or at the expense of some Belgrade’s old parts, and usually suspected of being linked to some shady deals with investors.

The Belgrade Waterfront project, a premium real-estate and business complex, caused a public outcry because of the demolition of an old part of the city to make a place for the Abu Dhabi’s Eagle Hill company to build BW without a public call, with an estimated price of 3.5 billion Euros, and under the non-transparent contract.

„Those are dumps, works that cost millions of Euros and worth nothing. They are symbols of corruption. We will tour some of Vesic’s symbols behind which is deep corruption,“ Stojkovic said.

Marin Kresic, an urbanist, said that Belgrade was in the hands of „an interest group, and that ‘a dashing dwarf’ (Vesic) is only a symbol. That group hates Belgrade.“

He said that the BW investors „are not Arabs, but those people who took costly land for free, what citizens will be paying for in decades to come.“

Kresic then listed three reasons why, according to him, that group was destroying the city.

First, he said, was an obvious corruption through staged public calls; the second is ‘favours to mates’ in giving them locations while destroying forests; the third is the creation of the pedestrian zones ‘by force’ and that is, according to Kresic, the worst of all since the traffic in Belgarde is turned upsidedown.

The organisers announced that every new rally would have a specific topic.

The civil protests continue in Belgarde on Saturdays instead of the rallies led for over a year by #1 in 5 million organisation, part of which gave up the election boycott. They explained the move by claiming that some opposition parties which said would not take part would do so.