Belgrade city authorities paying for more work on Republic Square

NEWS 13.02.2020 17:32
Source: Shutterstock

The Belgrade city authorities are going to pay the company that reconstructed the city’s central Republic Square another 4.5 million Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars) to complete additional work, the Nova Ekonomija magazine said on Thursday.

It said that the Austrian company Strabag is being paid the money for more construction work as a separate public procurement deal.

The reconstruction of Republic Square took more than a year to complete, with parts of the square having to undergo repairs after the work was completed. The opposition staged a number of protests to draw attention to what they said was excessively expensive and badly completed work. Nova Ekonomija said that the Austrian company was awarded the deal to restore the candelabra around the monument to Prince Mihailo Obranovic wuth the Serbian Invest Gradnja as subcontractor following negotiations with the city authorities. It said that the procedure was launched on January 3, the same day that deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said that negotiations were underway with Strabag to restore the candelabre for 4.5 million Dinars.  

The original contract for the reconstruction of Republic square was worth 768.2 million Dinars but rose to 802 million. Vesic claimed that Strabag did 744 million Dinars worth of construction work including some work on the monument.