Mali: Big funds to be invested to solve the problem of youth leaving Serbia

NEWS 08.02.2020 14:08
Source: Arhiva

Serbia's Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said the International Monetary Fund delegation will come to Belgrade to discuss the 2019 results, predicted growth rates, salary reforms and the continuation of the Tax administration reform.

Speaking to the Pink TV, Mali said the authorities will invest even more in education, digitalisation, improvement of the business environment, transportation and energy, the Ministry said.

He said Serbia took on the problem of youth leaving the country and that they will “invest big funds” from the budget to resolve this issue. He noted that his Ministry prepared 76 of 180 laws that were passed by the parliament.

“We’ll finish the Law on Games of Chance very soon and we’ll prepare new laws to further improve the capital market. We’re also discussing the development of cryptocurrencies in our country and next week I’m about to sign an agreement with the Juroklir bank,” Mali said.

According to him, they recorded an increase of Direct Foreign Investments in Serbia, in 2019, worth €3.8 billion.
“Over 60 percent of all investments in the region are invested in Serbia. Talking about the “Serbia 2045” project, €14 billion will be invested in the next five years in the water and sewage system, as well as sewage treatment plants,” he concluded.