Consumer protection organization says Supernova breaking law

NEWS 04.02.2020 12:39
Source: N1

A spokesman for the Efektiva consumer protection organization told N1 on Tuesday that the Supernova cable company is breaking the law by not allowing its customers to terminate their contracts without paying penalties.

Efektiva’s Jovan Ristic said that the organization has been contacted by a large number of people complaining that the Telekom Serbia-controlled Supernova was forcing them to pay to end their contracts. “We say that they have no right to penalties,” he said.  

The question of terminating contracts with the Supernova cable company (an umbrella brand for Telekom’s cable operators) appeared when a large number of its customers decided to terminate their contracts after N1 TV was removed from its offer.  

Ristic said that Supernova is claiming that the law on telecommunications allows it to claim penalties but added that under that law, the operator has an obligation to inform its customers at least a month in advance that the conditions in the contract will be changed. “The law says that customers have the right to end their contracts without paying any termination expenses after receiving the notice on change of conditions, especially in terms of service specifications and package content,” he said.  

Ristic said that Supernova insists on customers signing their internal forms when terminating contracts and warned that the forms include agreement to pay penalties. He said that the law on protecting consumers also allows consumers to change providers without paying any costs.