Democratic Party marks 30th anniversary

NEWS 03.02.2020 14:30

The Democratic Party (DS) marked its 30th anniversary on Monday with a news conference by current leader Zoran Lutovac who said the goals that the party set in the year 2000 – turning Serbia into a country of equal rights and free people - are as important now as they were then.

Lutovac said that the DS made some mistakes in its struggle for a better Serbia but added that it was held accountable for those mistakes by the people of Serbia. The DS is aware of the damage done to the party by its members who only thought of themselves.

According to Lutovac, the DS will not falter in its struggle for a better Serbia but will report to “the people who recognize the DS as a sleeping giant and fighter for freedom”. The fight for free elections and media and the rule of law will remain its priorities in the future which is why the DS is part of the Alliance for Serbia (SzS).

The DS leader said that the part won’t be organizing an anniversary celebration since “there isn’t much cause to celebrate in these hard times”. “I can’t say how much time we will need to achieve the goals of our founders. Perhaps another 30 years but I know that day will come,” Lutovac said.