Zero Dinars for N1, Telekom won't disclose contracts with other channels

NEWS 03.02.2020 13:01
Source: N1

The United Group said on Monday that Telekom Serbia values N1 content at zero while paying millions of Euro to other cable stations which are close to the Serbian authorities.

“Telekom and the Serbian authorities have not legal or moral right to offer free distribution of the N1 channel at a moment when a public offer to all operators exists. They have an opportunity to broadcast the N1 channel to 800,000 households at any moment by accepting that public offer,” United Group said in a press release.

“The Telekom management values the program created by N1 journalists and editors as worth zero Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars) while other cable TV operators which are close to the authorities are paid tens of millions of Euro by Telekom in a completely non-transparent manner, with the price hidden from the public.

“That means that Telekom does not want to pay 50 Dinars per user for the credible and true journalism that N1 is known for but is paying some 50 million Euro for the needs of cable TVs or tabloids like Kopernikus, Pink, Kurir and the channel owned by a singer…

“The only thing that United Group has insisted on from the start is a transparent agreement in line with the law and a contract which would guarantee the broadcasting of N1 over the next three years, not just the three months prior to the elections.

“There seems to be no end to the deceptions of the public by state officials and Telekom who are trying to demean the achievement of our staff by claiming that N1 has low viewershop even though all official data shows that it ranks at a high second place among all cable channels.

“Everything that the Serbian authorities and state company Telekom are doing is aimed at complete persecution of our company and we do not want to be part of anyone’s political games,” The United Group said.