Alma Quattro refuses to make #LetN1BeSeen campaign billboards

NEWS 30.01.2020 19:24
Source: N1

The Alma Quattro outdoor advertising company on Thursday refused to make billboards for the #LetN1BeSeen (#DaSeVidiN1) campaign.

The advertising company received the designs for the billboards following initial contacts and reservations of several locations in Belgrade. The designs are in now way offensive, simply asking the question Who Doesn’t Want to #LetN1BeSeen Right Now and Everywhere and a sentence saying that the state-owned operator was spending public money. Alma Quattro received the designs on Tuesday morning and N1 was told that their lawyers would review the messages and contact us.  

The answer came almost 48 hours later in a telephone call when we were told that the campaign can’t go up on their billboards because they “don’t want to enter into a conflict” and “take sides”.  

We demanded a written explanation from the company and are still waiting for that.