Serbian PM continues siding with Telekom in dispute over N1 TV

NEWS 29.01.2020 17:18
Source: N1

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic on Wednesday continued to protect the Telekom Serbia in its dispute with United Media and blamed the United Group for the fact that N1 TV is no longer being distributed by state-controlled cable operators.

Cable operators controlled by Telekom Serbia stopped broadcasting N1 TV more than two weeks after the contract with United Media expired. Telekom has not responded to an offer for a new contract which would bring N1 back to more than 300,000 households.

Asked if she thinks that there is a public interest in N1 being broadcast, Brnabic said that a public interest exists, adding that she is not taking sides. “I am taking the side of N1. The only side I am taking is N1. I am appealing for N1 to be seen and I am asking the United Group to let N1 be seen,” she told an N1 reporter.  

She said that she got involved in the dispute when it was turned into a political campaign prior to elections and added that she thinks N1 has been misused.  

Brnabic said that N1 could not have taken itself off the air. “N1 does not have that kind of power, N1 is a channel. The United Group took it off the air. I only know that the Telekom did not take it off the air because it is trying to continue broadcasting all channels,” she said.