United Group to Telekom: No serious company gives contracts to tabloids

NEWS 24.01.2020 13:59
Source: Promo

The United Group said on Friday that it is not susceptible to the lowest form of pressure after part of the business documents exchanged with Telekom Serbia were published in the tabloid press.

“The United Group negotiates with all business partners both in Serbia and at global level using the highest standards of business communication and laws and we are not prepared to change that despite the anxiety of Telekom Serbia.

“We concluded with regret that this is the first time that parts of our business communication is being published in the tabloid press by a company as the Telekom has done. We are the wrong address for that lowest form of pressure because no serious and civilized company hands business contracts to the tabloids.


‘We have been contacted again by the phantom firm Supernova, the same one that promised in public four days ago that it had sent us “a final call”, asking us to send a contract. We repeat that we never have nor will we ever sign a contract with non-existent firms.

“Vladimir Lucic represents the interests of the non-existent Supernova in the media, instead of offering United Group a transparent contract under fair and market conditions as the Telekom Commerical Director if he really does want an agreement.

“From the start of this instrumentalized conflict, we have said that the state operators have removed N1 TV from 300,000 homes in election year and that is confirmed by the fact that none of the state operators has contacted us four days after the public offer to Telekom Serbia and JP Posta was made for the distribution of the N1 channel.

“The TV stations with national frequencies and tabloids have only been reporting the views of the Telekom over the past few days and have been ignoring us or just taking parts of our statements to put them in a context which lays the blame on the United Group. That is more proof that, instead of the issue of commercial negotiations, this is an attempt to completely take over the market and strengthen the monopoly of the state company with the help of the state of Serbia,” the United Group said.