Environment minister says schools to close in next wave of pollution

NEWS 23.01.2020 13:42
Source: N1

Serbia’s Environment Minister Goran Trivan said on Thursday that the next wave of air pollution will lead to the closure of large-scale polluters and a recommendation to close schools.

He told this week’s issue of Nedeljnik weekly that air quality has been the same for years. “This is the data for Belgrade: in 2011 there were 133 days when the pollution was higher than allowed and in 2018 there were 59 days. Who are you criticizing? Let’s say that all that certainly is not good and start creating an atmosphere in which we all do something,” he said.

Trivan claims that the problem of air pollution has been tackled for years. “The whole world has a problem with air quality. If you look at statistics, the same problem exists everywhere. We are not exempt from air pollution. We are a region which has problems with high pollution levels sometimes. The Balkans and southern Europe, even developed countries have the same problems – technology and micro-climate conditions,” the minister said.