Ruling SNS submits changes to law on election threshold in Serbia

NEWS 21.01.2020 21:26
Source: N1

Following their leader and the head of state Aleksandar Vucic’s idea, the members of Serbia’s Parliament form the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) submitted on Tuesday proposal for changes to the law on election threshold lowering it from five to three percent, N1 reported.

The changes include a new rule for the participation of the national minorities’ parties in the vote. They envisaged the electoral commission’s right to deny the registration of a minority party if it did not have a certificate by its National Council.

SNS deputy’s club said it wanted the changes to secure „that election will of the people is more adequately presented in the National Assembly,“ and to enable that „the people’s will which is not dominant can be politically articulated and presented in the Parliament.“

According to them, they will „increase the democracy of the election process and the Parliament’s work.“

The suggested changes to the law unusually did not come from the Government, but the deputy’s club.

Besides, they were submitted despite the European mediators’ warning that it was a dangerous tactic only four months ahead of the vote.