French envoy to Serbia: Macron appoints judges on Supreme Council suggestion

NEWS 21.01.2020 17:00
Source: N1

The French ambassador to Serbia Jean-Louis Falconi said on Tuesday that President Emmanuel Macron appointed judges as proposed by the Supreme Judicial Council, which guaranteed their independence, N1 reported.

 Falconi’s tweet was a response to a question posed to him by Tweeter user @PetarBeljic97.

The user’s tweet followed the statement by State Secretary in Serbia’s Justice Ministry who said the country should change the Constitution to allow external control of the judiciary and that President Aleksandar Vucic should have that jurisdiction.

He added that it is the case in France where the president appoints judges and prosecutors.

Vucic later denied his interest in controlling the judiciary and said his only concern was that the criminals ended up behind bars.

Dragana Boljevic, a member of Serbia’s Judges Society, told N1 earlier on Tuesday: „We are glad that we heard President Aleksandar Vucic said he did not want to keep control over us. We would be gladder if he behaved like he didn’t want that.“