Kosovo President: Kurti's nomination for PM is on my table, signed

NEWS 18.01.2020 17:55

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci said on Saturday that the nomination of Albin Kurti as the next prime minister is sitting signed on his desk and that it is now up to Kurti to decide what will happen next.

“If Kurti is ready, he should accept the nomination for the mandate, if not, then let him reject it,” Thaci said about the leader of the Vetevendosje party which won the October 2019 snap election.


He has been asked to nominate on behalf of his party a PM candidate but Kurti has been delaying the move already for 20 days after a parliament majority has been formed because his party is still negotiating a coalition government with the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK).

President Thaci, however, has been urging Kurti several times to come up with a proposal but Kurti’s party, as well as a part of Kosovo’s public, have perceived his calls as inappropriate pressure, according to ‘KoSSev’.

„Kosovo will not be blocked for long, we will analyse all political options available to the parties in order to implement the will of the citizens,” the President said, according to ‘Koha’.

Thaci said that the two had a meeting of goodwill in his office and that he hopes Kurti will not turn his nomination for the post of the prime minister into the decision for the president.

According to the Constitution, the PM candidate should be proposed by the winning party. Once appointed, the new PM has 15 days to make sure he has a parliamentary majority to form a government.

If he fails, the president can propose another candidate for the post and if this candidate fails to ensure the support of the parliamentary majority, new elections have to be organized.

While the Constitution sets clear deadlines for appointed prime ministers to form a government, such deadlines do not exist for the naming of candidates for the PM post, which is why many analysts see Thaci’s calls for Kurti to propose a candidate as unconstitutional pressure.

Kurti’s refusal to nominate a candidate is also being criticized as avoidance to fulfil his duty.

Kurti has declared even before the election that he would be the candidate for the post on behalf of his party. However, Vetevendosje has still not ensured a parliamentary majority for forming a government since the negotiations with the LDK are progressing very slowly.