Education minister presents strategy to the year 2030

NEWS 16.01.2020 17:31
Source: N1

Serbian Education Minister Mladen Sarcevic told Thursday’s news conference that the ministry is drafting an education strategy to the year 2030 which will include five-year action plans.

The minister said that work on the strategy has been underway for eight months by teams which include people from the academic community, institutes and other experts with assistance from the European Commission.  

Sarcevic said that the current strategy (up to 2020) was fully implemented. According to him, the new strategy will have several parts with the first covering pre-school and elementary education starting early in February and the high school segment early in March with the segment for higher education being presented in June.  

“In the meantime, over the summer, everyone, experts and the general public will have a chance to see and criticize and make suggestions,” Sarcevic said and added that “our motto is quality of education”.