Thaci: International community silent about crimes in Kosovo

NEWS 15.01.2020 17:03
Source: Twitter/Hashim [email protected]

The Presidents of Kosovo and Albania, Hashim Thaci and Ilir Meta, visited the Racak Memorial Center to pay homage to the dead in what the Kosovo authorities say was a massacre while the Serbian authorities call it an armed clash.

Racak is a village in central Kosovo and is known as the site of the January 1999 incident which launched the NATO air campaign against FR Yugoslavia. The Serbian police reported that its officers came under fire from the village and returned fire. A number of people were killed in the village with Kosovo Albanian politicians and some international observers saying that it was a massacre of civilians.

Thaci said that “the massacre in Racak is genocide committed by the state of Serbia against the people of Kosovo which raised the awareness of the entire international community that Serbia committed crimes against humanity in Kosovo”.

He said that Pristina is demanding investigations into all crimes committed in Kosovo and voiced dissatisfaction with “international justice which has not solved the massacres in Kosovo and is also keeping quiet about the rape of 20,000 women”.

Thaci said that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was denying the crime in Racak. “That is behavior in line with Slobodan Milosevic’s mentality but it is the result of international silence about the massacre in Racak which encouraged the Serbian authorities to deny the crime,” he said.