Protest organizer knocks on Serbia president’s door

NEWS 11.01.2020 19:56
Source: FoNet/Aleksandar Levajković

Saturday’s 1 in 5 Million protest in Belgrade ended in front of the Serbian Presidency building where one of the organizers knocked on the doors.

Organizer Srdjan Markovic said when he knocked on the doors that the protesters would liberate the institute of the presidency just like they did with the Belgrade University rectorate. Marko also told the crowd that President Aleksandar Vucic has usurped institutions, is violating the constitution and behaving like a dictator.  

“These are not your people, we are fighting for a better Serbia,” Markovic said. He thanked the security personnel (Kobras army special forces unit) for allowing the protesters to knock on the doors.  

The protest march also went to the Serbian state TV (RTS) building where protesters called RTS staff to do their job following the rules of their profession.  

The protesters put stickers with prices on them on the RTS, Radio Belgrade and Politika daily buildings as well as several state institutions, saying that the prices were what Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic would sell them for.  

Protest activist Valentina Rekovic told the crowd that the authorities can’t make them loose their motivation to protest, saying that the police were stopping traffic a long time before the protests begin to stop people from getting there.