Environment ministry says 2.4 billion Euro needed reduce air pollution

NEWS 10.01.2020 12:28
Source: N1

The Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection has estimated that the country needs 2.4 billion Euro to reduce air pollution levels, Belgrade daily Blic said on Friday.

The ministry is checking to see if all cities and municipalities have adopted plans to reduce air pollution, the daily said.  

The proposals to solve the air pollution problem include a ban on imports of second-hand vehicles based to the end of 2020 or 2021 and a change from coal and oil for heating to other fuels.  

The ministry said that the EPS national power company’s thermal power plants are polluters. The four EPS coal-powered plants – Kosotolac A and Kostolac B, Nikola Tesla A and Nikola Tesla B – are among the last 10 power plants using coal to produce power in Europe.