Defense Minister says Serbia should review its path to European Union

NEWS 06.01.2020 11:24
Source: N1

Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin told Monday’s issue of Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti that Serbia should review its European path both for itself and because the European Union is constantly reviewing its attitude towards expansion.

“I don’t believe in the EU, just like Boris Johnson, Viktor Orban, Zemna, Salvini and Macron. Foreign police priorities change and only the preservation of Serbs, wherever they live, and the preservation of the Republika Srpska (entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina) are unchangeable priorities,” Vulin said.

Speaking about President Aleksandar Vucic, Vulin said that the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) should not allow him to step down as its leader because that would be irresponsible towards both the party and its voters. According to Vulin, Serbia has decided on Vucic as its leader in what he said is a historic moment “when the fate of our people is being decided for the next 100 years”.