Belgrade protest recalls events in 2019

Source: N1

Organizers of the Saturday 1 in 5 Million protest in Belgrade said that this week’s gathering was organized to recall everything that happened over the past year.

“We marched forward to victory at the (Belgrade University) Rectorate, when we freed (Krusik munitions plant whistleblower) Aleksandar Obradovic, protected (sexual harassment victim) Marija Lukic, stood by the public and whistleblowers,” a press release said.

Valentina Rekovic, an activist with the 1 in 5 Million organization which organizes the protests, said that the next gathering would be on January 4 “to continue the marathon until every person in Serbia has been freed”. “(President) Aleksandar Vucic said So What if police Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic lied about the Krusik scandal. It’s no So What to us and never will be,” Rekovic told the crowd in front of the RTS building adding that the RTS staff would be freed for a start “because it’s no So What to us and should not be So What to them,” she said.

The protesters put up large stickers with the words So What and the names of a number of scandals involving the authorities on the entrance to the RTS. The stickers said: Jovanjica (a farm visited by state officials where the police found a marijuana plantation), Krusik (where a whistleblower revealed dubious deals), Blocks in Belgrade (the disputed costly reconstruction of a central city square), Oliver Ivanovic (the assassinated Kosovo Serb opposition leader), Marija Lukic (sexual harassment victim), Milan Jovanovic (a journalist whose home was burned over his reporting of corruption in the local authorities).