Parliament Committee says security situation in Serbia stable

NEWS 27.12.2019 21:30
Source: N1

The Serbian Parliament’s Security Services Committee said on Friday that the situation in the country is stable despite the constant security challenges, risks and threats.

The committee reviewed reports on the Security Information Agency (BIA – the top civilian intelligence and security agency), the security situation in the country, on the Military Intelligence Agency and Military Security Agency in the April 1 – September 30 period.  

According to the committee, the security services focused on key risks and threats, the activities of foreign intelligence services, abuse of illegal migrations for terrorist activities, separatism, religious, ethnic and ideological extremism and organized crime.  

The committee presented the directors of the two military agencies – Brigadier Generals Zoran Stojkovic and Djura Jovanovic – plaques for contributing to strengthening of the security sector and civilian control.