Serbian police looking for serial rapist and victim

NEWS 26.12.2019 10:18
Source: N1

The Serbian Police and Gendarmerie spent the night of Wednesday-Thursday searching for a 12 year old girl who has been kidnapped by a serial killer in the east of the country.

The girl, Monika Karimanovic, was reported missing on December 20. She left for school that morning and disappeared. The police said they determined that she was kidnapped by Ninoslav Jovanovic who has served time in prison for raping minors. He is known to keep his victims imprisoned and to shave their heads.  

Serbia’s top law enforcement officer, Director of Police Vladimir Rebic told the media that the police found Jovanovic’s fingerprints in a stolen car along with evidence that the girl was in it with him. He said the girl’s school backpack was found in another location and that witnesses saw Jovanovic and the girl.  

Rebic said that more than 200 police and Gendarmerie personnel were looking for the girl and her kidnapper.