Serbian government gives health care budget funds to roads company

NEWS 25.12.2019 13:19
Source: Putevi Srbije

The Serbian government decided to transfer 1.7 billion Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars) earmarked for the Health Care Fund and repayment of the foreign debt to the Putevi Srbije state-owned roads company, the FoNet news agency said on Wednesday.

The government decision, published in the Official Gazette, said that 1.4 million Dinars was being transferred from the Health Care Fund budget for 2019 along with 300 million earmarked for interest payments on the country’s foreign debt were being handed to the roads company, Nova Ekonomija magazine said.

According to the government decision, “the funds are being transferred to the Ministry of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure to secure the funding needed by the Putevi Srbije public company for the maintenance of state roads and other obligations under the law”.

Earlier this year, the government took 60 million Dinars from the Health Care Fund and spent it for an international campaign to promote Serbia. The government also gave the Corridors Serbia company two billion Dinars in September, 300 million in October and 500 million in November.