Belgrade names street after man who killed Pavelic

NEWS 24.12.2019 19:27
Source: N1

The Belgrade city authorities decided on Tuesday to name a street in the Zemun suburb after the man who killed Croatian World War 2 fascist leader Ante Pavelic.

The city Commission for Monuments and Street Names adopted a proposal by deputy Mayor Goran Vesic to name a street after Blagoje Jovovic who mortally wounded Pavelic in 1957.  

Jovovic was a Royal Yugoslav Army officer when World War 2 broke out who moved to Argentina after the war and organized the attempt on the life of Pavelic who headed the Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia where tens of thousands of Serbs were killed.  

Jovovic will be given a street in the Zemun suburb which was part of the Independent State of Croatia during World War 2.