Opposition official confronts education minister

NEWS 24.12.2019 19:13
Source: N1

Opposition Democratic Party (DS) official Balsa Bozovic MP confronted Serbian Education Minister Mladen Sarcevic on Tuesday, demanding to know when a group of teachers would be returned to work.

The group of teachers at a specialized medical school lost their jobs to make room for ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) officials. Bozovic and other opposition officials have been lobbying for their return to work for months.  

Bozovic confronted Sarcevic saying that the teachers had been promised that they would get their jobs back in February, again in April and most recently in May. “Those nine women have not had salaries for a year, they don’t have a way to make a living,” he said, adding: “How can you expect teachers to trust you when you’re not telling me, as a member of the parliament education committee, the truth”.  

Sarcevic responded asking why he should take their side instead of the courts.