Doctors to advise HIV patients by phone in Serbia

NEWS 24.12.2019 12:55
Source: Shutterstock

HIV positive patients and their relatives in Serbia can seek a direct doctors' and HIV and AIDS experts' help by a free call at 800-40-4044, the Beta news agency reported on Tuesday.

The doctors at the Clinic for infectious diseases will provide information about the course of the disease, treatment and risks linked to HIV infection on Monday and Thursday from noon to 6 pm, and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from noon to 3 pm.

„It is estimated that some 700 people in Serbia know they are HIV positive but are not under treatment. The project is for them and their relatives primarily to find out everything significant about the problem and for us to offer the necessary support,“ dr Dubravka Salemovic said, adding the doctors familiar with the disease would be available daily.

The head of the HIV and AIDS Department at the Clinic Jovan Ranin said that there were 3,100 HIV positive people in Serbia, but that not all of them were under available and effective treatment.

„It’s important to encourage those people to start treatment, since 87 percent of those with HIV are successfully treated, i.e., they don’t have HIV in blood. The virus remains in tissues but doesn’t have negative effects. People whose blood doesn’t carry HIV live 50 years of quality life without developing AIDS,“ he said.