Serbia’s director withdraws his play due to Vucic’s patronage of Nis' festival

NEWS 24.12.2019 10:14
Source: FoNet/Aleksandar Barda

Kokan Mladenovic, one of the most famous Serbia’s theatre director, withdrew his play which premiere was scheduled for March 11, at the celebration of the southern city of Nis’ National Theatre Day, because he “cannot take part at the festival under the name of (President) Aleksandar Vucic," the Belgrade daily Danas wrote on Tuesday, as carried by the FoNet news agency.

 In a message to the Theatre Director Spasoje Milanovic, Mladenovic said that the situation left him no other choice. “I cannot be a part of the festival above which the name of Aleksandar Vucic,“ hangs like the sword of Damocles.

„That would be contrary to whatever I say and work in my life and theatre. I believe in your good intention regarding our cooperation and the festival, but, by including Aleksandar Vucic into the game you paved the road to hell out which one of us cannot get out without being sad,” Mladenovic wrote.

He added that any further talks were senseless because “our views are irreparably different… It is clear that I withdrew my play and that that time is now available to someone happy with the offered conditions.”

Last week, another theatre director Vuk Torbica also refused to direct a play at the Nis National Theatre scheduled for November 2020, due to Vucic’s patronage.