EU to invest 80 million Euro to fight pollution in Kosovo

NEWS 20.12.2019 18:53
Source: N1

The European Union said on Friday that it would invest more than 80 million Euro to improve air quality in Kosovo, Pristina media reported.

According to EU officials in Kosovo, Pristina has been one of the most polluted cities on Earth over the past few days with school children wearing face masks and activists putting face masks on monuments to Mother Theresa and former US State Secretary Madeleine Albright.  

The EU and Kosovo authorities signed an agreement to reconstruct the Kosovo B thermal power plant 10 kilometers from Pristina and upgrades to central heating systems for 2,000 households.  

Kosovo Environment Minister Fatmir Matoshi said that state institutions no longer use coal for heating and added that the practice of rewarding power company employees with bags of coal was no longer in place.