Serbia’s Vucic denies conflict with Interior Minister: He will go if I tell him

NEWS 20.12.2019 12:05

Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia’s President and the head of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) denied on Friday any conflict with Interior Minister, adding Nebojsa Stefanovic “will leave (the post) immediately if I tell him,” the Beta news agency reported.

The rumours about their quarrel appeared amid the arms trade deal affair reportedly involving Stefanovic’s father.

Defending his Minister, Vucic said Branko Stefanovic was “an employee” of the Krusik ammunition factory, and that he could not have any link to shady business which Aleksandar Obradovic, Krusik’s whistleblower, made public.

At the same time, but on a different media, Nebojsa Stefanovic denied his retired father had any relation with Krusik.

“There is no conflict. If only I tell Nebojsa to go, he will do that immediately,” Vucic told reporters at the Health Ministry ceremony of promoting new medical staff.

Vucic said that the Minister came under attack because he managed to reduce the mafia killings up to 13 times, which none of his predecessors had done.

“This year there is 12 times less mafia showdown” than during the previous regime.

“The police are equipped better than ever and paid more than ever,” the President said.

Speaking about the wages in the Health Service, he said that “in six to seven years, they will be twice higher than in 2014.”