CoE: Minority rights in Serbia must improve significantly

NEWS 18.12.2019 14:52
Source: Printscreen

The protection of minority rights in Serbia, despite the authorities’ efforts, must improve substantially, especially regarding the alarming situation with Roma, the Council of Europe (CoE) said on Wednesday, N1 reported.

The CoE report on the implementation of the Framework Convention on Protection of Minority Rights in Vojvodina and other regions in Serbia says the legal framework is solid and that the country’s authorities do a lot to improve the situation with Roma communities and regulate the status of stateless people, develop the cultural initiatives and minority media.

The report was based on the official data and other written sources and on the visits to several multi-ethnic places across Serbia in March this year.

“However, there is a significant gap between the level of protection of minority rights in Vojvodina, and elsewhere, the lack of data prevents the work on minorities’ welfare, while their participation in the state administration should increase.“

CoE said that Serbia, home to 23 minorities’ councils, still records differences in implementing their rights and emphasises that the level of protection outside Vojvodina should substantially improve.

The situation with Roma regarding access to education, housing and health service remains alarming despite the state’s efforts. 

The disparity between Roma and other population in the neighbourhood also remains significant, the report says.