Serbia’s opposition to block all entries to state TV for eight hours on Friday

NEWS 12.12.2019 17:51
Source: N1

The Alliance for Serbia (SzS) said it would block all entries to the public broadcaster RTS from noon to 8 pm on Friday, the Alliance chairman Vuk Jeremic confirmed, while the Association of Serbia’s Journalists (UNS) asked SzS to give the idea up, the FoNet news agency reported.

Jeremic told reporters that SzS, activists and ordinary people would bloc RTS because “RTS has been blocking the truth for eight years.”

He listed some affairs involving top officials, attacks on journalists and alike that RTS did not report on professionally or at all.

Jeremic said it would be “a warning blockade” to tell RTS it should do its job professionally.

 He also said the blockade would be peaceful, but added the police did not allow the rally since the permission was asked for too late, i.e., not five days ahead, as required by the law.

“If police try to prevent us, let everyone does their job. If they want to arrest us, let them,” Jeremic said.

UNS protested over the announced blockade, describing it as “inadmissible pressure on public broadcaster’s employees.”

“Everyone can express disagreement with the editorial policy of any media, but it is not acceptable to potentially expose our colleagues to a physical attack,” UNS said and called on SzS not to organise the blockade.