Belgrade University Senate annuls Fin Min doctorate as plagiarism

NEWS 12.12.2019 15:39
Source: N1

The Belgrade University Senate unanimously declared Serbia's Finance Minister Sinisa Mali's doctorate as plagiarism and cancelled it, N1 reported.

The Senate confirmed the University Commission for Professional Ethic’s decision with all 32 members who were in the meeting voting in favour.

That is the final step regarded the University, and Mali can appeal the decision with the Administrative Court.

The Minister’s doctorate saga dragged for years before the students organised in „1 in 5 million“ grouping blocked the Rectorate for 12 days and were supported by the Rector Ivanka Popovic and some other professors in their demand to finally solve what they described as plagiarism from the beginning.

Many professors from home and abroad said the same, but the Organisational Sciences Faculty (FON) first voted it was not and then changed its ruling.