Government officials slam protester's attempt to enter National Assembly

NEWS 08.12.2019 16:57
Source: N1

Numerous Government officials condemned on Sunday the attempt by participants of the ‘1 in 5 million’ protest to enter the Serbian National Assembly building the day before.

Protesters managed to reach the main entrance to the National Assembly despite attempts by plainclothes police officers to stop them. Protest organisers called upon protesters to “knock” on the door of the Assembly, saying that “we have liberated the (University) Rectorate, we will liberate the Assembly as well.”


PM Ana Brnabic wrote on Twitter that the attempt showed what Serbia’s opposition is offering to the citizens. She listed similar incidents that occurred at the public broadcaster building, the Presidency building, mentioning “gallows, chainsaws, book burning, threats and insults,” as options the opposition was offering.

The President of the National Assembly, Maja Gojkovic, said that the supporters of the Alliance for Serbia, led by Bosko Obradovic – the opposition leader who, in a similar incident, entered the RTS (Serbia’s public broadcaster) building, the Belgrade Assembly and fought with journalists – have now turned to vandalism and have “clearly shown that their only aim is to incite disorder, wishing to come to power regardless of the will of the people.”

She added that Obradovic showed „in a savage attempt to break the Parliament’s door and by abusing Serbia’s flag“ that he does not respect Serbia’s national symbols.

The Deputy PM and a top official of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, Zorana Mihajlovic, also condemned the incident, saying it shows the true picture of the Alliance for Serbia.

“Last night’s incidents in front of the parliament are not the image of Serbia, but of the Alliance for Serbia because every time Bosko Obradovic takes the lead, we get incidents and violence. They forget, however, that in a democracy, one does not achieve power by intruding institutions and by violence, but by winning votes in elections,” Mihajlovic said in a statement.

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic joined the choir of condemnations and called for authorities to act.

„We condemn this kind of behaviour as it is an indicator of extremism and violence certain opposition parties and their leaders are disseminating and that calls for a reaction from authorities,” Dacic said.

He added that some parties can enter the parliament only if they “break into it” and not through elections.

Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin accused Obradovic of insulting the Serbian flag.

„No enemy of Serbia would come up with this kind of insult to all Serbs. It seems that foreigners have taught Obradovic this when they talked to him about postponing the elections and distributing state functions without consulting the Serbian people,” the Minister said.