Vucic charged with denying massacre in Kosovo

NEWS 06.12.2019 21:39
Source: N1

Charges have been filed against Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic over his statement that the Racak case was fabricated, the KoSSev news portal reported on Friday.

The Racak case is viewed as the incident which led to the decision to launch the NATO air campaign in 1999. A group of Kosovo Albanians was killed in that village with the Serbian security forces saying they opened fire on them and international observers claiming that the dead men were unarmed civilians.  

The charges against Vucic were filed with the Special Prosecution by Pristina lawyer Tom Gashi who represents the families of the people killed in Racak.  

Gashi’s brief says that Vucic denied the massacre in Racak and gave his support to former Kosovo Serb cabinet Minister Ivan Todosijevic, “intentionally inciting and spreading hatred, discord and intolerance between Kosovo Serbs and Albanians”.  

Vucic said on Thursday that the ruling by a Pristina court to sentence Todosijevic to two years in prison for calling the incident in Racak a false crime was “frightening”.