Ukraine condemns Crimea's officials visit to Serbia

NEWS 06.12.2019 14:21
Source: N1

Oleksandr Aleksandrovych, the Ukraine ambassador to Serbia said on Friday he hoped no one from the country's authorities would meet the representatives from Crimea, peninsula belonging to Ukraine and annexed by Russia in early 2014, who joined members of Duma in a visit to Belgrade, the Beta news agency reported.

 He added that Serbia didn’t recognise Crimea, as Ukraine didn’t recognise Kosovo.

“Our two countries have a friendly relationship, and I hope that in the future there won’t be such provocations against our two countries,” Aleksandrovych told Radio Free Europe (RFE).

The Crimea delegation, a part of Duma team, included a Crimea MP Natalia Poklonskaya and Vice-President of Crimea Ministerial Council and permanent Russian representative to Crimea Grigory Muradov.

They visited Serbia’s Parliament on Thursday, meeting the opposition nationalist movement Dveri leader Bosko Obradovic whom they made a photo with in front of the Crimea flag, a present to Obradovic.

Aleksandrovych condemned the visit by two officials from Crimea, mainly because, as he said, their role in the Russian annexation of the peninsula.

“On one hand, I’m glad that no one from Serbia’s authorities met the representatives of the so-called ‘Republic of Crimea.’ On the other, we don’t understand that the visit to Serbia which supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine, was allowed,” Aleksandrovych told RFE.