Pristina issues international warrant for arrest of Kosovo Serb

Source: MUP

The Basic Pristina Court confirmed it issued a local and an international warrant for the arrest of Zvonko Veselinovic, a local Serb, as demanded by the Kosovo Special Prosecutors’ Office, the Kosovo online website reported late on Sunday.

Veselinovic is the former leader of the so-called Bridge Guardians, the local Serbs who have watched the bridge over the Ibar river that divides Mitrovica town in northern part held by the Serbs and the southern held by the Albanians.

Kosovo’s police have been looking for Veselinovic since 2011, following the intervention of Pristina special unit in the north, the Koha Ditore daily reported.

The Prosecutors suspect Veselinovic of several crimes, including “the participation or organisation of a criminal group.”