Protest organiser asks police to find and arrest person who attacked him

Source: N1

The ‘1in5million’ movement asked the police to urgently find and arrest the persons responsible for the attack on one of the organisers of Belgrade protests, Srdjan Markovic, which occurred Saturday evening during the protest walk in the city’s central streets.

If the perpetrators are not found, they said, they will not register their protest with the police anymore, the organisers said.

According to Markovic, he was attacked by the same man for the second time and this was the person who follows him during every protest. 

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 The attack was reported to the police precinct ‘Savski venac’ and none of the officers there could confirm to Markovic if the person they apprehended on the site was in detention.

Speaking to media, Markovic asked the police officers who come to the protest to wear uniforms, otherwise it is impossible, as he stressed, “to make a distinction between thugs and policemen.”

He also said that the authorities and President Aleksandar Vucic are “drawing targets on heads” of the protest organisers by mentioning their names.

“We came to this protest because one head was injured,” Markovic said, “because institutions do not function, and if there are no citizens in the streets then there won’t be protection from that.”

The organisers asked if they could freely walk the streets of Belgrade at all following the attack on Markovic.