Democratic Party dismissed its Youth Board, members demand explanation

NEWS 01.12.2019 14:10
Source: N1

The Democratic Party’s (DS) Youth Board have spent the night at the party’s premises, demanding to meet DS leader Zoran Lutovac, as they want to find out the reasons why the Youth Board has been dismissed, said one of their representatives, Aleksandra Bozic.

She told the Beta news agency this was not a blockade or anything like that, and that they are waiting in peace at the party’s central office.

“We were never told why we were dismissed and that’s why we’re waiting at the party’s central office because we don’t want to miss seeing the president, we are here to see him. Nobody talked to us and nothing has changed since yesterday. But this is not a blockade, we are just waiting,” said Bozic.

According to her, the youth Board tried to reach Lutovac on his mobile phone but he didn’t answer the call.

The Youth Board was dismissed at the Saturday’s session of the DS Main Board as well as the party’s Belgrade Board. A number of dissatisfied members left the meeting, while the youth entered the premises to demand the explanation from the party leader.