"Don't Let Belgrade Drown" initiative prevent Fin Min from coming to office

Source: Ne davimo Beograd

The activists of the "Don't Let Belgrade Down" initiative shortly blocked the Finance Ministry entry with padlocks and chains on Monday morning to, as they said, prevent Minister Sinisa Mali from coming to work after the Belgrade University's Professional Ethics Commission ruled he plagiarised his doctorate, N1 reported.

The chains were quickly cut, and the entry deblocked, but the activists told the FoNet news agency they did not see Mali coming to work. „We locked up the main entrance with an intent to prevent Sinisa Mali, the proven plagiarist, and a participant in many affairs in which he worked against the interest of the people in many ways to come to his office,“ the initiative said in a statement.

It added that the recent decision by the Commission „which confirmed that Sinisa Mali plagiarised his doctorate is only one of many reasons why he must not hold the ministerial post any more.“

„This was not the first time he violated the law since he was convicted of a seizure of ten hectares of state-owned land in northern Serbia. Sinisa Mali is linked to many corruption affairs, avoiding taxes, fake tenders for New Year’s lightening, domestic violence, conducting and covering up the demolition in Hercegovacka street (needed for the Belgrade Waterfront),“ the statement added.

It said that „his (Mali’s) leading role in the Belgrade Waterfront project and privatisation processes when he was still a member of the Democratic Party (now a member of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, SNS, led by President Aleksandar Vucic) prove that he seriously damaged Belgrade and Serbia as a whole.“

„That’s why he must not be a minister any more,“ the initiative „Don’t Let Belgrade Drown,“ said.

„We will defend our institutions together, and we will win the battle to hold this political elite responsible for seizing the state from the citizens and for the impoverishment of our society,“ the initiative said.

It announced the protest „Red card for Sinisa Mali,“ outside the Finance Ministry on Monday at 6 pm.

Mali, Vucic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic described the Commission’s ruling as a political decision. Brnabic said Mali would remain Fiance Minister, while Vucic sent confusing messages. He first said the decision was political, then, a day later, he told reporters Mali would have „to pay a political price.“