Professor condemns statements by authorities on Fin. Min. doctorate

NEWS 24.11.2019 15:00
Source: N1

Finance Minister Sinisa Mali's PhD is undoubtedly plagiarized and comments by government officials that the decision of the University of Belgrade's Professional Ethics Committee to annul that doctorate is a politically motivated embarrassment, Jovan Filipovic, a professor at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FON), told N1.

The Committee on Professional Ethics of the University of Belgrade unanimously concluded that there was a non-academic behaviour in the preparation of the doctoral dissertation of the Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, which is why they initiated its annulment, which Mali passed in 2013 at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

Filipovic pointed out that Sinisa Mali’s doctorate was undoubtedly plagiarized and that he was sorry that it happened at his Faculty.

The professor condemned the statements by Minister Mali and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic that the decision of the Professional Ethics Committee was politically motivated.

„I am the president of the Council of Technical Sciences at Belgrade University. The faculty from which the Rector comes has doubled the requirements for a PhD. To say that they are politically motivated is a shame and embarrassment,” the professor said.