Krusik whistleblower speaks at Belgrade protest

Source: N1

The 50th 1 in 5 Million protest in Belgrade was addressed by Krusik whistleblower Aleksandar Obradovic on Saturday.

This week’s regular protest changed its starting venue with the crowd gathering in front of the Palace of Justice in a show of support to Obradovic who is in house arrest in his home town of Valjevo.

Speaking by phone, Obradovic said that everyone can overcome their fears like he did. He said that the revealed the illegal activities at the Krusik munitions plant to help others rid themselves of their fear. “If I could do it, trust me every one of you can,” he said.

Obradovic leaked documents showing that a cabinet minister’s father was involved in deals with Krusik at privileged prices with the munitions he bought for export to Saudi Arabia ending up in the hands of Islamic extremists in the Yemen.

Obradovic said he does not consider himself a hero or a measure of courage but just an ordinary man who refused to watch his company being destroyed.

Protest organizer Srdjan Markovic said that Serbia needs brave people like Obradovic who stood up and said the Emperor has no clothes.

The protesters marched from Terazije square, past the Serbian presidency building and the government headquarters – where protest organizer Tea Vukadin called the crowd to listen to an anti-war song by Serbian musician Djordje Balasevic (who suffered a serious heart attack earlier in the week) titled Just So There’s No War (Samo da Rata Ne Bude) – to the Palace of Justice where Obradovic spoke.