1 in 5 Million activists identify man who attacked students

Source: N1

Activists of the 1 in 5 Million organization said on Thursday that they have identified at least one of the men who attacked student activists in front of the Serbian state TV (RTS) building on Tuesday evening when Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic appeared on a talk show.

The organization said that it had identified Milan Jaric, a deputy Director at the National Employment Service, as one of the attackers. Student activist Srdjan Markovic said he was assaulted by Jaric.

“We have not identified everyone but we will since the police is not doing its job properly,” student activist Tea Vukadin said. Fellow activist Valentina Rekovic said that the 1 in 5 Million organization has been protesting for 11 months and demanding just five minutes of air time on the RTS which they were refused so far and recalled that the RTS subscription had been raised recently. “We wonder if that money from the citizens of Serbia will be used to pay hooligans and thugs,” she said.

The 1 in 5 Million activists said that as yet unidentified men who claimed to be police prevented people from walking past one of the entrances to the RTS building and added that the uniformed police officers at the main entrance did not respond to incidents.

The student activists displayed photographs of several people who prevented people from walking up the road past the RTS building. They said that some of those people were supporters of Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) from the Zemun suburb.