Belgrade student: Vucic stealthily enter TV building to avoid our questions

NEWS 06.11.2019 12:51
Source: N1

Valentina Rekovic, a Belgrade University student from "1 in 5 million" organisation, told N1 on Wednesday she and her two colleagues waited for Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic outside the state RTS TV building last night to pose him questions which people who had been demonstrating for 11 months had asked and never got his response.

Vucic was a guest at RTS’ political talk show Upitnik (Question Mark) which was broadcast live from the TV’s studio in downthrown Belgrade and the students, a couple of hundred people and some opposition leaders encircled the TV headquarters hoping to see Vucic coming in.

However, the police and some masked people who would not identify themselves banned both the public and media to get closer to the RTS house.

„Vucic secretly entered the building,“ Rekovic said, adding she wanted to ask him for a TV debate during the talk show he was taking part in last night.

She said she also wanted to ask the President when would he dismiss Finance Minister Sinisa Mali for „plagiarism“ of his doctorate, when would he dismiss Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic „for laying“ he graduated from a faculty, who killed Oliver Ivanovic,“ (a Kosovo Serb opposition politician assassinated in Serb-populated northern Mitrovica town in January 2018)…

„If he answered (those questions) honestly, he wouldn’t be this country’s president any more,“ Rekovic said.

She blamed Vucic for the incidents outside the RTS building last night, saying he brought his supporters who, she said, beat people, including „1 in 5 million“ photographer.

Rekovic said that the students organised the gathering and that some politicians showed up after seeing the announcement on social networks.

„We are students; we don’t have a party’s infrastructure. We do that out of our conviction. And whoever holds power and doesn’t change the system, we will be in the street again,“ Rekovic said.