Serbian WW2 veterans protest over street for royalist general

NEWS 05.11.2019 19:36
Source: N1

The Serbian World War 2 veterans' organization condemned the decision by the city authorities in Kragujevac to name a street after royal army General Dragoslav Mihailovic who was sentenced for war crimes after the war.

Mihailovic headed the Yugoslav Army in the Homeland (colloquially known as Chetniks) whose members committed war crimes and in collaborated with Axis forces in WW2. Mihailovic was captured by partisan forces in the weeks after the end of the war and was condemned at a public trial. The initiative to name a street after him came from the Movement for the Restoration of the Serbian Monarchy (POKS) which said that he had been rehabilitated.

SUBNOR (organization of national liberation army veterans – partisans) Vice-President Zeljko Zirojevic told the Beta news agency that the veterans’ organization condemns the decision by the city assembly members “regardless of ideological or political affiliation because they forgot the victims of the Chetnik knives“. “They forgot all the honorable patriots,” he said and added that the SUBNOR had sent letters about the decision to all relevant state bodies.

In recent history, Serbian nationalists have campaigned to rehabilitate Chetnik commanders who were sentenced for war crimes or collaboration with the Nazis by the Communist authorities after the war.