Prosecutors start proceedings against Serbia’s opposition politician

NEWS 01.11.2019 13:01
Source: Tanjug/Filip Krainčanić

The Higher Prosecutors’ Office in Belgarde started pre-criminal proceedings against Marko Bastac, the head of the only opposition-held municipality in the capital after his best man accused him of corruption, the Belgrade Blic daily reported on Friday.

The Office ordered the police to collect necessary information and check Lazar Lesnjak’s claims against Bastac, Irena Bjelos, the spokesperson for the Prosecutors’ Office told Blic.

Lesnjak accused Bastac of taking money from investors who illegally built in the Stari Grad municipality, and of beating and torturing him.

Bastac denied accusations, but Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday he expected the respective institutions to react since it was an extremely serious thing to be ignored.